Grow Journal with Aptus


Cannabis Grow Journal Using Aptus.

Presentation of the Biotops culture journal using our preferred method of growing. We will be using our feminized genetics Jack Widow, Northern Light Apollo G13 and White Widow from Queen Seeds.

Explanation of a grow using a Holland method also called a “Sea of Green“. This type of planting favors plants that will form a single “One Bud” structure. The aim is to put more plants to the reduced growth time in the same culture space in order to optimize the available space and to save time and energy. Thanks to the Sea of green method we can grow and flower in two and a half months and increase your productivity.

aptus engrais floraison vendu par biotops

For the range of fertilizers we used, we started with Connoisseur A + B, a NPK base from Advanced Nutrients, providing nutrient quality (Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium & Suffer) throughout the crop.  In order to complete this base and to offer our plants a more advanced development throughout the cycle, we use in addition the innovative range of additives Aptus and its “Basic” culture scheme. It meets the specific needs of the plant in a targeted and in a orderly manner, bringing with the micro- and macro-nutrients in an appropriate amount at the time the plant requires them. Aptus is part of this revolutionary approach to listening to the plant while offering productivity and quality through its mineral simulators.

We will work with 25 plants in an indoor grow. We will use a Dark Room cabinet (120 x 120 x 180 cm), a 600-watt light and a 600w Lumatek electronic ballast and an Adjust-A-Wing + Super Spreader reflector (98% reflection obtained), not forgetting a VGT 125 extractor (380m3 / h), a simple ductless intake fan, without forgetting the Can Filter 425m3 / h odor filter. The substrate used is coco, requiring three daily irritations. The plants are placed in 3-liter pots and flowered (12-hour cycle of light for 12 hours of darkness) after 8 days of veg (18 hours of light for 6 hours of darkness). Throughout our culture we have to rinsed our substrate at least once every two weeks to avoid any possible over-fertilization. In addition, we regularly monitor the Ph to between 5.8 and 6.2.

Here we set up a daily journal to see closely the development of our Queen Seeds plants with the selected material and products and will work with a specific method specific to our grow shop.

Beginning of Flowering,  or 12h of light for 12h of darkness.
Week of Grow Photos Engrais / Additifs /Environnement Comments
2nd week of growth / 1st week of  Flower

Days of grow 8-9-10-11-12-13-14

Day 1 FloPhotos de graines de cannabis Queen-Seeds FéminiséesDay 5 FloGénétiques Queen Seeds cannabisDay 7 FloFloraison graines féminiséesJack WidowCannabis Biotops féminiséeNorthern Light Apollo G13Jack Widow Queen SeedsWhite Widow

Northern Light Apollo G13 Queen Seeds

– Connoisseur A&B 2ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L- Aptus StartBooster : 2,5ML /10L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C- T°C air : 21-25 °C– Humidity : 50-65%


-EC Max : 1,3

-EC min : 1,5

Good even development of plants. This even growth is exactly what we are after for the promotion the of the single Bud structure we are after. Good development of the root system during growth because of the Aptus Starbooster and can be seen by the visible vigor of the plants. Packaged in considerable plant size in one week due to the period of Stretch where the plant takes 2/3 of its size in two weeks. Our 600 Watt light is placed 60 cm above the canopy of the plants. The intake and extractor fans are constantly on to renew the air of the cabinet and give the plants an adequate climate. We will keep this setup throughout the crop.
3rd Week Growth /2nd week Flower Days of grow 16-17-18-19-20-21-22 Day  10 Flo/ Day 12 Flo/ Day 15 Flo Jack WidowFloraison graines féminiséesDay 15 Flo Northern Light Apollo G13Culture intérieure cannabisDay 15 Flo White WidowFloraison Jack Widow Queen Seeds – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L- Aptus TopBooster : 2ML/10L- Aptus Super Pk : 2,5 ML/10 L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C

– T°C air : 21-25 °C


– Humidity : 50-60%


-EC Max : 1,6

-EC min : 1,4

2nd week of Flowering. Further development of plants, end of the Stretch, the plants have gained in size and robustness. Intake of necessary nutrients thanks to the connoisseur A & B. Moreover Aptus Regulator regulates the general nutrition of your plants, it fortifies them and helps them avoid stress. Aptus super Pk is a blooming booster and is a source of phosphorus and potassium for your cannabis feet. It allows your buds to gain in volume and density. Finally Aptus Top Booster is a bloom simulator that is complementary to the Super P-k. It helps in the maturation of the flowers and increases the quality and the quantity of your production by increasing the number of buds that start and by promoting an increase of the sugars and the resin in the heads of cannabis.
4th Week / 3rd Week Flower

Days of Growth 23-24-25-26-27-28-29

Day 17 Flo/ Day 20 Flo/ Day 22 FloWhite Widow Queen Seeds biotopsDay 18 Flower White WidowWhite Widow Queen Seeds biotopDay 21 Flower Northern Light Apollo G13Northern Light Apollo G13 Queen Seeds Biotops – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L- Aptus TopBooster : 2ML /10L- Aptus super Pk :2,5 ML/10L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C– T°C air : 21-25 °C


– Humidité : 50 %

-EC Max : 1,7

EC Min :1,5

3rd week of flowering. Irrigation is continued with A & B as the NPK base, Aptus regulator, Super pK and TopBooster in the same proportions. The plants are not stretching anymore, but there is considerable buds and maturatity  resulting in a strong odor and a large amount of resin. We reach the stage of maturation of the buds thanks to the contributions of quality, especially the TopBooster and super Pk. A beautifully colored foliage is observed indicating a correct control of the environmental parameters of the crop. We see that we have a full canopy and a good full use of space.
5th Week/ 4th Week of flowering

Days  30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37

Day 25 to Day 29 FloweringCulture Biotops Marihuana biotopsDay 26 Flowering White WidowWhite Widow queen seedsDay 29 Flowering Jack Widowjack biotops – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L-Aptus TopBooster 2Ml/10l- Aptus super Pk : 2,5ML /10L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C– T°C air : 21-25 °C


-Humidité :



-EC Max : 1,9

-EC min : 1,7

4th week of flowering. A & B is continued to be administered as NPK base, but also Aptus regulator & super pK is still in the same amount. Aptus TopBooster is also always used. The phase of maturation and swelling of the buds continues, these increase in density and volume but also in flavors. Foliage of beautiful color indicating a correct control of the environmental parameters of the crop.
6th  week growth / 5th Week flowering. Days 38-39-40-41-42-43-44 Day 33 Flowering Day 36 Flowering Marée VerteMer verte Biotops cannabis biotopsFlowering Day 33 Jack WidowJack Widow Queen SeedsFlowering Day 35 Northern Light Apollo G13Light Apollo G13 Queen Seeds – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L- Aptus TopBooster : 2ML /10L- Aptus Super Pk : 5ML/10L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C– T°C air : 21-25 °C


– Humidity : 50%


-EC Max : 2,0

-EC min : 1,8

5th week of Flowering. It is worth mentioning here the buds have begun to weight quiet a bit for the stems so we absolutely need the sticks for supporting the stem and to keep the buds upright. We regularly feed the Aptus regulator which, allows for a good absorption of the nutrients of the plants and a fortification of them. Aptus TopBooster continues its action of rising sugars and allows the plants to gain quality. Super Pk administered in greater quantity and always boosts the flowering by increasing the amount of phosphorus and potassium present in the substrate. We can now see why the term Sea of Green is called this by looking at these photos.
7th Week / 6th Week of Flowering

Day 45-46-47-48-49-50-51

Day 39 Flowering.Culture hollandaise cocoDay 43 Flowering.SOG Biotops GrowshopDay 41 Flowering White Widow Queen Seeds.One bud White Widow Queen Seeds. – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L-Aptus TopBooster : 2ML/10L-Aptus Super Pk : 5ML/L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C– T°C air : 21-25 °C


– Humidité : 50-70%


-EC Max : 2,0

-EC min : 1,8

-6th week of Flowering. The combination of these products successively, so as not to undo the cycles of assimilation of plants. Each product is introduced at a specific time corresponding to a precise need of your plants. Thus during the 6th week of flowering, the base connoisseur A & B is contiued. We also continue the regulator of Aptus. Moreover, we administer for the final week, the super PK which will offer one last time a contribution of phosphorus and potassium considerable and a catch in volume of the heads.
8th Week / 7th Week of Flowering

Days 52-53-54-55-56-57-58

Day 45 FloweringCulture intérieure coco biotopsDay 50 FloweringFin de la Floraison Day 49 Flowering Jack WidowJack Widow Queen Seeds biotops – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L- Aptus k-Boost : 5ML /10L-Aptus TopBooster : 2ML/10L- T°C dans le substrat : 21-24°C– T°C air : 21-25 °C


– Humidité : 40%


-EC max : 1,8

-Ec min : 1,6



7 th week of Flowering. Always the same NPK base connoisseur A & B. The same is true for Aptus Regulator. The Super Pk is stopped due to a non-assimilation of phosphorus by plants at this stage of cultivation. Only K, potassium, continues to be assimilated. In complimentary with the topbooster, the final phase of maturation of the heads is observed, the trichomes are colored, the heads are compacted, and continue their taking of flavors and their secretion of resin but no longer take up volume.
9th Week / 8th Week of Flowering

Day 59-60

Day 51 FloweringFin de la floraison graines queen seedsDay 52 FloweringFloraison cannabis intérieur – Connoisseur A&B 4ML /L- Aptus Regulator : 1,5 ML/10L- Aptus K-Boost : 5ML/10L-Aptus TopBooster : 2ML/10L- T°C in the substrate : 21-24°C– T°C air : 21-25 °C


– Humidity : 40%

8 th and last week of flowering. This is the last week before rinsing the substrate. As throughout the grow, Connoisseur A & B as well as the regulator Aptus.K-Boost and TopBooster are administered for the last time in order to offer an ultimate stimulation of the almost ripe buds. The leaves begin to yellow which is a sign of the end of the cycle of plants. It shows that they have spent their energy in the development of buds. One can see on the plants, the beautiful central head filled with resin, with the orange trichomes, ready to be harvested after the rinsing in the clear water during the next two weeks to come.
Grow Journal with Aptus
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