Germination of cannabis seeds

Conseils de germination des graines de cannabis Queen Seeds
Germination is the initial stage of your cannabis culture. Most seeds available in the cannabis market germinate every time, but treatment and careful attention is required. Well germinating a seed is an important first step. Queen Seeds suggests you follow this advice for successful germination :
  • Wait 48 hours after taking the seeds from the fridge. This will allow the seeds time to get back to room temperature.
  • Soak seeds overnight (12 hours maximum) in deionized water. Always keep an ambient temperature between 22 ° C and 25 ° C in full blackness.
  • The next day, place them in your germination and cuttings substrate, if the newly formed root is out, place it facing down, if the seed has not yet sprouted, plant the end from which the root will emerge. germinate downwards.
  • Cover with one centimeter of substrate and keep moist also keep an ambient temperature between 22 and 25 ° C in your growing space.
The use of demineralized water to water your plants during germination is strongly advised (as well as during the first weeks of growth.)
Germination of cannabis seeds
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